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Analyzing 18 million points of data for best agricultural practices

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Why is Agronomics Optimization important in agriculture? Every year, 9 million people die from hunger which is 25,000 people per day.³ This staggering statistic reveals not only the need for equalities in distributions of food but also the need for more sustainable practices in agriculture.

From the scale of a small farm to a large corporation, it is becoming increasingly important to maximize resources of land and resources. Thanks to agronomics and data collection, we are starting to learn more about how agricultural practices can create a better future. How can we use data such as fertilizer use, geodata, soil…

What can we learn from brainwaves?

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Neuroscience and EEG Signals

An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a recording of the brain activity measured by electrodes. EEG signals were first recorded in 1924 by Hans Berger², an incredible discovery that has lead to an area of research that is still being heavily researched today with a lot of unknowns. The collection of EEG signals is non-invasive and the electrodes are placed on the scalp with gel or paste. The most common use of EEG signals for medical reasons include Epilepsy research and sleep studies. They are also used to discover brain injuries, brain inflammation, and strokes.

DEAP Dataset

The dataset was created by Queen Mary…

Text classification is important in professions like marketing because consumers are sharing their opinions through text more now than they ever have before. As a result, there is a lot of unstructured data that can be tapped into to learn more about the concerns and needs of consumers. The goal of this project is to build a model that can rate the sentiment of a Tweet based on its content. The dataset used for this project was a scrape of tweets corresponding to the sxsw festival and the technology used at the festival.

Text data has special prerequisites before it…

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The Chicago Traffic Crashes dataset, an open source dataset provided by the City of Chicago, has real data representing traffic crashes since September 2017 (with a few districts being represented since 2015). The dataset was downloaded from the Chicago Data Portal on November 8, 2020.

The goal of the project is gather information from the dataset and to implement machine learning models in order to advise a hypothetical Vehicle Advisory Board to prevent future accidents. This project focused on the use of Decision Tree Classifiers and Ensemble Methods with the use of GridSearch CV for hypertuning parameters. The target variable…

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The Northwind database, a free and open-source database created by Microsoft, was created for a fictional company for the purpose of practicing SQL queries and statistical analysis.

The goal of the project is to query the database and to perform statistical analysis and hypothesis testing to generate analytical insights that can be of value to the company. From the database we are able to gather information about employees, orders, shipping performance, and other valuable information to provide advice to the company.

The methodology of this project included general data exploration, Welch’s T-Test, Cohen’s D, and ANOVA. Hypothesis testing for NULL…

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For this project, I used a flat dataset of the Kings County Housing Prices in Washington State with data from 2014 to 2015. After importing the .csv file, we are presented with a large list of potential features and they won’t all be necessary for the regression model later.

This thesis project will be developed as part of the Design by Data Masters Specialisé at École des Ponts Paristech and will fit under the research line “Computational Design and Analytics with Online Virtual Reality”.

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Abstract: The profession of architecture exists at a time now battling between the generations of analog and digital. Skepticism of new methods of digital design arises from the gap between learning/training and business strategies. With the development of new tools that are more easily accessible and applicable for architects, an architectural office is more likely to implement new technology that quickly provides insight for design…

Bonny Nichol

Data Scientist and Building Information Modelling Specialist based in Paris, France

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